Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday Night Fights - Foo-Foo vs Yellow Boy: The Grudge Match

Welcome to Friday Night Fights!

Our last match between Foo-Foo and Yellow Boy (replay here) ended badly. Foo-Foo declared he had a bone to pick with Yellow Boy, and they have made it happen here tonight, folks!

We are please to present to you...Foo-Foo versus Yellow Boy - The Grudge Match!

What's this? A confrontation between our opponents takes place during some blue tunnel time.

Yellow Boy is just asking for it, but Foo-Foo is reluctant to give up his tunnel.

Yellow Boy’s taunting is persistent and it finally draws Foo-Foo out.

Yes! They get down, and the match looks even.

Yellow Boy uses his famous twist as Foo-Foo tries to make the pin.

It seems to work but Foo-Foo digs in with a harsh bitey on Yellow Boy!

Oh! There’s a squeal from Yellow Boy as he tries his famously flawed hind leg maneuver.
Has he trained any harder this week to perfect this move?

Yes! I can't believe it! The move pushes Foo-Foo off for a moment, but he takes a serious posture, ready for his next bite!

Ho!! Yellow Boy siezes the opportunity to flee!

Protected by out of bounds, Foo-Foo can’t touch Yellow Boy. Is Foo-Foo angry?

But first, a word from our sponsor…

Penny says, “Boyer’s Mallo Cups have soft creamy centers and they are nom, nom good! Buy yourself a case today! Nom!”

Later in our locker room interview: “We’re best Buds!” Foo-Foo and Yellow Boy exclaim together.
“He bites, I scream and run,” says Yellow Boy. "It's all good."

“Yeah! I just chase him from the mat cause, well, cause he’s yellow!” says Foo-Foo.

What more can we say folks…except…that wraps up another Friday Night Fights! Thank you for coming, please join us again next time for Friday Night Fights!    ~Lisa Co9T


  1. Absolutely brilliant. Loved reading this and am so glad I found this blog!

    Purrs and kitty kisses to all.

  2. Brilliant. Another great Friday Night Fight!

  3. Will we ever have a winner between yellow boy and foo foo? Maybe.....or maybe not mAUHAHAHAHHAH Great fight!

  4. WOW!!! That sure was one heck of a match!!!

  5. It's wonderful to see that they're such good furiends, even after an intense fight. When the ears go back, you know it's serious. Foo-Foo I guess is Snafu! And Yellow Boy is Owen, of course. Foo-Foo certainly came out as top cat in this one.

    Cute one with the commercial interlude with pretty Penny!

  6. Glad they are best friends at the end.

  7. It looks like the best kind of fight, when you end up being best buds!

  8. HILARIOUS!!!!!!
    The photos are great, the commentary first-rate... and the locker room interview, probing and insightful.

    My favorite photo is the one where Yellow boy flees. Nice action shot... only the tails are blurry!

    We are relieved that it's all show though.

    Katie & Glogirly

  9. Great bout! You can see that they are good friends too.

  10. Great match but we are glad it is all in fun!

  11. We enjoy their bouts a lot, but secretly love the fact that neither of them wins. Have a pawsome weekend, dear friends......xxxxxxxx

  12. Great match. Loved the blow by blow announcing. Look forward to the next match. Have a great weekend.

  13. An da crowd goes wild! Whooohoooo! Dat was a fur-flyin fite alright! Nina an I does da same, but not in front of da camera. Bestest is unner da bed round midnight.

  14. *woo woo woooooo*
    FNF are great!

  15. We think that was one of the best matches yet!!

  16. That was a great matches! Are you planning another one for next friday?


  17. We love the friday night fights. Too bad our hero Owen wasn't victorious, but his fleeing the mat resulted in a great picture of him running. So all in all, we are very happy with that.

  18. I forgot to tell you that Moseley is on the LOLSpot today.

  19. Awesome match! We like the out of bounds zone. We use that a lot around here.

  20. That is brilliant! I love the chase shot. Great story and photos :D

  21. My favorite thing on Friday, besides floofy Friday and then I love Formally Feral Friday too.

  22. We love your Friday Night Fights. Makes us want to get our own going right now!

  23. We root fer Yellow Boy! We know he is fakin runnin away as a lead-up ta the title fight.


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