Saturday, April 10, 2010

One of these cats is not like the others - Revealed!

From our post on Wednesday:

One of these cats is not like the others.
Which of these cats isn't the same?
How many things aren't like the others?
Won't you please play my game?

The cat who is not like the others is....


There were three things visible that made him different:

1) Nick is a long haired cat

2) He was lying down

3) His ears were up straight

Penny and Yukon are both short haired, were sitting and had their right ear cocked.

One I hadn't thought of was mentioned by Simba. That Nick's tail is the only one shown. Simba went to town with the most answers! DailyG's picked out the ears right away! Brian had the most unique comment saying only one of them was the boss! Cats in Trees wanted to blame it on Snafu and he's not even in the picture! Funny thing is, I think Cats in Trees was right :-)!!!!

When I first saw this picture (not when I took it), it looked to me like a public service announcement or an intervention. "We want to talk to you about our lack of Stinky Goodness!"

Thanks to everyone who played. I'm glad you enjoyed it!

~Lisa Co9T


  1. It was a great game guessing!!

    The ears had it!


    Take care

  2. We must have missed the original post! Fun game!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I missed the original post, but that was cool!

  4. We missed the original post, too, but that was fun!

  5. Great game, but I think we missed it...They do seem like they are gathered to have a conversation with you guys about something important!...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  6. AW MAN! I missed the game!! Play again?

  7. We liked the game. And at least Nick doesn't let himself get distracted when posing for a photo.

  8. What a fun game! They really do look like they are conducting an intervention.

  9. We loved the game. It was so much fun :). We should do it again!

  10. What great ideas! We couldnt think of annything. We mean, it dint even occur ta us that only Nick was laying down. We're hopeless...

  11. Furry good!


  12. But, . . . they're all cats, right?

  13. This was a very fun game! Thanks for doing it.


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