Thursday, April 22, 2010

We are Pleased to Introduce You To...




Betty Jane...






These were their almost, or once names.
Did you ever have another name? We'd love to know what it was.

~Lisa Co9T


  1. Awwww! I think you kitties have more beautiful names now! I mean who can top Snafu?!


    Charlie came to me as Charlie so now I call him Cha-Cha Charlie or just Cha.

    He calls me "silly hooman"!


    Take care

  2. I got all excited thinking you had a new cat named Parris until I scrolled down. Betty Jane is funny.

    Anyway, Everett (who was almost "Adam") just got a new middle name: Joe because he gets called Evy Joe all the time. His full name is now Everett Joseph Awesome Deluxe (because his parents are weird).

    Zoe was Eve at the shelter. She answers to "Nutty" now. And Georgia was Aiyesha in a previous life.

    Indy was nameless and I tried to call him "Seven" but the dad insisted on Indy.

  3. Aww I love your new names better.Mum callsme carroty all the time because of Jasper Carrot.. HUgs GJ xx

  4. Haha! We don't have almost names...but we have lots of nicknames! Ernie's name at the shelter was Mister...

  5. Such cute almost names! Samson was 'almost' Cooper, because his foster Mom named him that...but our Mom wanted something that went with Delilah :)

  6. Hmmm..... I don't think we've had any almost names.
    Happy Earth Day, Furiends!

  7. When Harley lived in the shelter, his name was Neptune!

  8. What beautiful kitties...such great poses too.
    When we adopted Madi she was listed as Kitty "M"!! I wanted to name her Clancy, after the first vet she saw. Her Dad said that name sounded like a burly policeman. HA We debated longer over naming her than naming our daughter. HA Her full name is Madison.
    Madi and Mom

  9. Yes, we thought you had another cat, too, until we started scrolling down. :-D

    Let's see...Chumley was Chumley at the shelter, our human couldn't think of a better name and it fit him anyway, because he was so chummy, at least with female humans. (Scared of most males.)

    Annie's shelter name had been Fleur (French for "flower") and that didn't suit at all.

    Our human can't even remember what Nicki's shelter name was; she took one look at him in the cage and knew he was Nicki.

    Derry's former name was Rock. One of his siblings was Roll. You get the idea.

  10. I do have another name. It's my official (or is it business?) name. I am called Apelsinam Dias D'Avila. And Yuu-Chan is called Apelsinam El-Oued. #1 managed to get in quick enough to name Sei-Chan (Apelsinam Edo no Sei-Shonagon) and Bibi-Chan (Apelsinam Ebisu) herself!


  11. We have lots of nicknames too. You all have sweet names that match your sweet faces =^..^=

  12. We didn't have other names because our Moms got to name us when we were just ten days old. However, we do have nicknames. A LOT of them. Raymond is often called Sleeky Shrimp and my nickname is Bluey Bluesteen. xo, Busby

  13. OMC! Wow, efurryone almost had anothers name. Well my sisfur LociLu (low-see-lu) has always been dat name because da foster mom said she would not answer to any other name MOL.

    My name was Patches and momma decided to just adds da Baby to da front of it, I is da baby of da family after all.

    And brofur Lucky didn't has a name at all from da pound where he was adopted.

    But I do has many other nick names dat momma & daddy calls me, MOL


  14. Those are interesting "almost" names!
    My name was "Tiny" at the shelter, but whenever mommy introduced me to people they would laff at me.
    This was a fun post!

  15. Oh goodness! At first I thought you had found doppelgangers for all your kitties, until I came to the end. I'm glad you picked the names you did, because of course, they suit each kitty so well.

    I had Dante's name picked out before he even came home to us. I was watching the Today Show and they had a dog named Dante, and it immediately struck a chord with me.

    Domino came with her name at one year old, and I actually liked it very much so I kept it.

    My brother had named Dylan "Ginger" before I took him home, but it didn't work for me, and since I already had two cats with "D" names, and I always liked the name "Dylan", he became the third "D".

  16. Well, you probably know our pet sitters kids give all the kittens nick names--they usually don't "stick" but sometimes a variation of the nickname does, when they go off to their new homes.

    Blueberry, a pretty blue girl kitten (who's new brudder is going to be Bosco) is now named Bette Blu!

    And Brighton, who's nickname was Surfer Dude (cuz the kids had him "surfing" on the waterbed when he was a kitten) had his "registered" name chosen as Brighton is a beach town in Cornwall.

  17. Awwww, mom LOL's at Quattro! That is cute, but likes Snafu better. Actally, all of our names are what they are now. MOM is the one who keeps calling us different names!

  18. Yes, Snafu is an awesome name and he lives up to it as well!!MOL...Mom got Calle/Halle as kittens so she named us=Calle is for Calista which means most beautiful in Greek and Halle is named after Halle Berry, the gorgeous catwoman!!...Mom got Sukki when she was 1 year, 4 months old, so she kept the name Suki but added a k so we would all have double letters (she also had Angel Nikki and now, Mommy and Daddy Cat so we guess it's a thing!)...Have a happy day friends!...xo...Calle,Halle,Sukki

  19. Beautiful pics! Nope, my name has always been Brian. My Sister Sascha used to be Abby and my Sister Gracie used to be worked out for them though I think.

  20. your guyses old names weren't so bad, but i do like your new ones better. my old name was HORRRIBLE! i was called Kinky. bleh. and the sis-ter creature was called Frak, if you can believe it. i do not like the sis-ter, but i do like the name Audrey much better. thankfully she is only 9 weeks old, so it is not confusing to change her name. i was a year old, but i did not mind it at all when my mommeh changed my name from Kinky to Attie (Autumn). the bad people in the bad house gave me that bad name, i am much happier now.

  21. I was abandoned, so I was probably called something not very nice but I don't think I had a real name. I've always been William.

    The rest of the family came from the shelter and all had wrong names:

    -Olivia (stray) was "no name"
    -Caroline (stray) was Sinatra (no wonder she screams so much--it warped her!)
    -Russell (owner surrendered) was Donnie
    -Pee Queen (owner surrendered) was Bailey

    Of course, Pee Queen's true name is Gracie, but since we all call her Pee Queen, she answers to that.

  22. Mister Kitten says, "When I first came here they thought I was a girl (silly humans!). The human who brought me to my forever home named me Vicious Miette Pumpkin Thunderblaster Knives Pterodactyl and called me Miette. But then they found out I was a boy. So they started calling me the Kitten aka Trouble aka Oberon aka Cat with the Identity Crisis. Finally I let them know that my name was Mister Kitten."

  23. hmmmm, most of us just showed up and moved in...and Mommy & Daddy gave us our True Names.
    For the v-e-t crew: Felix was Mason, May Ling was Bunny, Grayce way Grayfoot, and Johnny was Henry.
    xx lounge Kats

  24. Momma named all of us except me and I was nearly 6 when she adopted me. My name was Abby and she felt like I had lived with that for nearly 6 years she couldn't change it plus it seemed to suit me. She named Jinx after Halle Berry's character in the James Bond movie, she named Ping after a commercial she saw on TV, and Boo was named Boo because of Halloween and Boo is mostly black. Gracie was named because Momma thought Gracie was such a purrty name for sweet Grace.


  25. My name used to be Felix the cat (my former owners who abandoned me were potheads). Now My name is David, after a yoga teacher.

  26. my bean almost named me Spock! Ack! She said it was because I had pointy ears! Pft! Nimbus works MUCH better. But my kitten name was Joey. So technically my name is Prince Joey Nimbus... but I don't answer to much other than Nimbus - and that's if I even care to!

  27. Mom was afraid you were going to break her heart with pictures of a whole lot of other kitties who needed homes quickly.

    How interesting that when a cat has a different name, it is much harder to recognize than when the name you are familiar with is used.

  28. When we were in foster care, my momma Ellie was named "Libby" and I was "Bumble" because I buzzed around like a bumble bee!

    We like Ellie and Cory better.

    As for everyone else, Grete used to be named Gracie, mom almost called Ginger "Frances", Jonesie's name was originally Joanie, Madison used to be "Grady".

    This was fun!

  29. I was almost Boots ::Shudders::

    I am still Toontzy

  30. Wow! We love your new names better! Our brother Kenji once used to be called Titan, but Keiko and Pricilla kept their original names! Mummy has a few more kitty names and hopes to adopt more!
    Purrs, Keiko Kenji & Pricilla

  31. Well, lets see, Floyd actually had 2 names before he came to live with us - I can't remember one, but one was Puddles. Lola was Trixie before she came to live with us, and Virgil was unofficially knows as Stache (because he kinda has a moustache). I do say that is is middle name now, though I usually forget about it. Kirzon was always Kirzon, Barney always Barney. Our newbies will be renamed most likely (oddly, Trixie is the girls name I would like - if we get Stella, I am not sure what to do because I had Stella as my 2nd choice girls name if we ended up getting 2 girls).

  32. This is fun! My name was "Swantje" and Chilli's name was fluctuating anyways.
    Purrs, Siena Snowfox

  33. My name has always been Monty, Mommy thought of changing it, but nothing suited me as well. Lexy's name used to be Charger, and Lexy suits her MUCH better, but Mommy says he name should be Holy , for Holy Cow since Lexy looks like a cow, and for Holstein, a kind of cow. Samson can't remember his old name, since he was abandoned, and his name is cause Mommy kept calling him Handsome, and he needed a badass name like Samuel L Jackson, so his full name is Samson L Catson. The bunnies had different names. Benny was (hahaha) BELLA! He was thought to be a girl until Mommy got him! And Lola was named Seraphina.
    This was fun to learn everyone's old names!

  34. Mum thought Queenie would have been a good name for me, but she always came back to Poppy.


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