Thursday, April 1, 2010

Storytime - Can

Last Friday was three months since Moseley went to the Rainbow Bridge. Before he left, the first thing I did when I came home from work was go check on him in his room, clean up any pee or throw ups, give him some scritches, a pill and then his dinner. He was the only kitty on soft canned food and Penny really enjoyed licking up the leftover gravy from the sides of his empty can in the evenings. She had a certain expectation.

Since Moseley’s been gone, I still feel that pull that there is something very important to do right when I come home from work, before I can relax or make some dinner (or blog). Penny has taken advantage of that and so I oblige her at least once a week by giving her and everyone a spot of canned food treat.

Here she is, ever vigilant following me around the house as soon as I get home. I try to do some chores with my camera in hand.
She is telling me, “stop taking pictures of cats and give me some canned food please!”

As I go into the bedroom, Penny follows me, but Snafu has come up from behind....he knows treats are involved. Penny won’t let him get any closer to me.

He’ll just stop where he is and wait.

If he tried to move passed her, fur would fly…mostly gray.

Alright, Mama Lisa is up and heading in the right direction! Penny jumps in front to make sure I am shown the way.

This is it. This is where I should stop. Snafu wasn’t far behind.

This is the cabinet (behind the feeders) in the Cat Bathroom that has what we’re looking for.

See Penny’s paws gripping both sides of it?

We have many followers now.

Outside the Cat Bathroom, one follower didn’t mess with jumping over the gate.

Two others aren’t allowed over the gate.

I’m ready.

Nom, nom! Musical bowls begins. Wizard's in the lead. He's finished his bowl first and is on the prowl for more.
(Isn't Stanze a good girl? "Not for dogs" we tell them.)

The Zen Master easily gives up his food to anyone.
This time it's Snafu.

Penny also gets to have the can after everyone is done.

Later that evening...

“Stop blogging and lets go to bed please!”

~Lisa Co9T


  1. It's always the little things that count. Remembering gestures and habits, and sometimes turning them into something new to bring a purr from someone else!

  2. Hi

    What a fantastic hommage to lovely Mosely!

    Wonderful pics of the weekly treat for everyone... the pups look adorable too!


    Take care

  3. Wonderful photo essay. Mom has gotten an idea now to maybe feed me in the cat bathroom - my "area" in the kitchen is such a mess. And whenever se goes into the kitchen I think I can score another meal.

  4. Your feeding time reminds us of our feeding time.
    How can anyone resist sweet Penny's face! So cute!

  5. Great photo sequence and a wonderful "ritual."

  6. It's amazing how smart us kitties can be when it comes to food!

  7. I can hardly believe it's been 3 months already since Moseley left for the Bridge. We love seeing your stinky goodness ritual.

    I get a bit of canned dog food everyday. Grete makes sure I get a bite before she'll eat her food. She's a good woofie.

  8. this is the best story i have ever read.

  9. What a nice tribute to Mosely. It's really nice that your feeding ritual still stirs up wonderful memories, and that it is providing you all with precious new ones, too.

  10. We loved the pictures and storyline=that's a sweet remembrance of Mosely and it makes all the kitties happy!...We need to start something like that here!...Have a fun day...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  11. We cats are creatures of habit. Love the photo series, esp. love miss Penny!

  12. Gee, that sort of looks familiar...hmmm, happens here lots!

  13. Oh Penny, you made me laugh and cry a little for Moseley at the same time.

  14. We're so sorry that Moseley had to go to the bridge, but we feel that this is a very good way to remember him by.

  15. Isn't it good that Penny is there to remind you of the proper procedures each day? How do some Moms do without kitties? We surely do not know.

  16. Penny you are there to make sure everyone stays on point!

    Good girl!

    Thanks for wishing my brofurs happy purrdays!


  17. Nice tradition, I am all for them. My kitties love to have soft food. I give them a little every day because they are all seniors and You just have to give them what they want, right! I even cut up meat at dinner time and they all share a big plate of that too. Oh goodness, I am a little whacky with these cats. Have a good evening, Lisa. Deb

  18. I know what you mean about feeling like there is something you need to do - I still get that sometimes in the morning and evening when I would give Floyd his meds.

    That is great that everyone gets a treat sometimes - we do that too. And we get a lot of musical plates too!

  19. Awww, how sweet. The cat bathroom?? They have their own bathroom??

  20. Funny how those habits remain, and how our cats train (manipulate)us...I liked following them following you.

  21. They all love their canned food!! Yummy!

  22. It's just like a photonovel. Wonderful post. Every single photo made us smile.

  23. awww I love everything about this post :). It's a wonderful tribute to Moseley. it made my day. Thank you. My kitties are sending some purrs and nose bumps!

  24. I get ecited with the stinkey goodness when I see the can, but I have ta say that I don't fight about it.

    Ayla doen't eat all hers so I do...


  25. Yoo must miss Moseley a lot ~ he was gorjuss. It's nice that the others get a treat now ~ sort of in his memory. We think he'd like that.

  26. It is a lovely idea that they all get a weekly treat in Moseley's memory.


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