Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Package!

Snafu's winning prize package arrived from Nip and Bones!

If you didn't know, I entered Snafu in Baby Patches' Terrible Twos Contest which celebrated her 2nd birthday. He won the honored title of The Best of The Worst.
We are so proud.

I was cleaning the house when Stanze sounded her introoder alarm!
She's very effective and no one comes too close.

I barely saw the FedEx truck pull away and walked out the door to find a box sitting on the driveway, well out of reach.

It was even addressed to Snafu!

Put a box in the middle of the floor and it acts like a cat magnet.
Snafu has his purple calming collar on.

Wizard has his lime green collar on.

The box and paper were a hit right away!

I don't have to tell Snafu the package is for him.
Aren't they all for Snafu?

To: The "Best of the Worst"
Look at all the cool stuff!!!

Yes, Momma DP is recording all of this...

Now we're getting everyone's attention.

Oooooo...we're saving this one for a rainy day.

Even Penny has a keen interest....from her chair.

These look really interesting! Good thing there's two.

How about this neat catfishing pole, boys?
Oops! I think they've spotted the feathered mousies.

Hello? Boys?

Is this what you want? I guess so!!!!

I caught four cats with the catfishing pole!

Ah ha! I've caught all eight cats!
Can you find them all?

To the right on the ottoman is Owen and Wizard. Below them on the floor is Nick, Snafu with the feather mousie and Penny in front. To the left is BJ behind the box with one laser eye, Yukon on the floor and Angus safely in the cat tree.

For some videos of play time, check out my YouTube Channel here.

Look at this bad boy and his stash!

Thank you Baby Patches from Snafu and all the gang at Cat of Nine Tales!

~Lisa Co9T


  1. Wow! That's a pawsome prize package! There's enough to share with everycat...if you want to, Snafu!

  2. Whoa, what a pawsome parcel! You've hit the mother lode of treats and toys! :-)


  3. HOLY SMOKES! Can you imagine what the grand prize winner got?!? WOW~!!! What a stash of fantabulastic prizes!

  4. Wow Snafu - your mother ship has come in. My cats are all jealous. Have a grrrrrrrreat time with all the stash. Go easy on the catnip...Hugo fell off the table when his gift arrived. Deb =^..^=x6

  5. What a fun present everyone got to enjoy!!! Too funny Fed Ex left the package by the beware of Dog sign.
    Madi and Mom

  6. Kudos, Snafu!!!!!! Fantastic pics of y'all.....and we totally loved the one of all of you!!!!!!!

  7. Wow! What an awesome prize package! Looks like Christmas came early at your house. Enjoy!

  8. Oh. My. Bast! All that and a box, too! You guys have really got it made!

  9. what a package! you all are so vewy luckie!
    ~Baby Audrey

  10. MOL hehehe I luvs all da photos my furriends! Looks likes all of you enjoyed some part of Sanfu's prize package. Concats again Sanfu, being da Best of the Worst does has its rewards after all MOL hehehe

    Thanks you for a wonderfur post, we luvs da videos too!


  11. Y'all hit the jackpot fur sure, what fun!

  12. ::THUD::

    Mommy, I'm a bad boy! Why didn't you enter ME? (Next year Maui, next year.)

    What FUN prizes!

    xx Lounge Kats

  13. Congrats, Snafu, on such a great goodies package! We're sure al of your siblings are delighted too!

  14. Great prizes, it looks like Snafu won something for everyone!...Have fun guys...xo...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  15. Well Snafu certainly deserved to win! Who is two and could be more terrible than he?

    What treasure he got! I sure hope he's going to share with his siblings. He seems rather possessive of it in that last shot.

    Way to go, Snafu! I never thought you'd be rewarded for bad behaviour, but you're so cute, all is forgiven.

  16. Concats to Snafu!
    Efurryone will enjoy your stash!


  17. Well done Snafu! It looks like Baby Patches shipped almost all of her store to you. You will have hours and hours of fun!

  18. That catfish is wonderful! 8 cats in one photo, that is a great testament to the quality of those toys.

  19. I'm impressed - what a haul! That was some prize package, enough to share with everykitty in your household!

  20. Conga-rats!!! Oooooh, greenies!! That box has everything... and it's a box!!

  21. Great prezzies! And it looks like they have been put to good use quickly...

    Yes, we saw all 8 easily. MOL!

  22. Holy cat what a great haul of stuff!

  23. Fabulous! And a BOX as well! Yoo are SO lucky!!!!

  24. What a treasure trove! That'll keep you all busy for a while!


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