Monday, April 7, 2014

Moving Cats to Marshwood Cottage

A year ago we bought this cute cottage. We call it Marshwood Cottage (we also call it tiny house on the swamp).

It has a big beautiful backyard with several garden beds, a workshop/shed, woods, even a small pond.

DP got to work right away building new fences and replacing existing ones. With three layers of fencing for dog walks, it’s a continuous process.

We repainted the interior (mostly).

We packed up the pets and stripped the “old trailah” bare, sold it and had it hauled away.  

Moving day was so crazy that I don’t have a picture of the eight cat crates packed tightly into the back of my Forester. 
Thank God we only moved a half hour away. 

Everycat say, “MEOW!”

 Everycat arrived safely and found the comfort and smell of a familiar bed (It was hard, but I thought it best not to start off with clean fresh sheets. I think it helped the transition a lot, along with not changing the kitty litter and having 4 diffusers of Feliway burning away).

Braver ones ventured out within hours of the movers leaving.

I was surprised Angus came out of the bedroom to explore a bit after only a day.

Everycat wore collars with new name tags engraved with our new information, and we kept them on for about two months…until we got our new cat enclosure!

But that’s a story for another day!

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  1. I have a severe case of backyard envy right now. It's lovely! Bet it was one of the selling points for you both, too. (I also bet you have lots of black flies. LOL.)

    Everyone seems to have made the transition just fine--you were well-prepared!

  2. What an adorable cottage! We bet you all love your new home.

  3. We love that you live in a cottage now! So beautiful!

  4. It looks like a magic cottage. Glad all the kitties adapted so well. We look forward to your Garden posts (we hope your garden is so whimsical and beautiful)

  5. Mommy wants to live in your cottage. Me, too!
    It looks comfy! And lots of animal tv!

  6. It looks like the kitties gave the new place their paw of approval pretty quickly!

  7. It is a lovely cottage with a beautiful garden. I am glad the move went smoothly.

  8. What a sweet home you two (and Everycat) have made! That was a great idea about the sheets and litter--even better than the same cat beds.

  9. We LOVE the natural braced fencing! We could jump right over that, but some woofies would be kept OUT!

  10. Congratulations on all the wonderful new happenings in your lives! Your home is beautiful and oh, that garden! God bless you!


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