Thursday, April 3, 2014

Not Exactly Gardening: Squirrel Digging

I know

there is

a peanut




To keep the squirrels from eating all the birdseed, we offer them whole peanuts. This day's offering got buried in the latest snowfall.

Here's a bonus live action video!


  1. Silly squirrel! We put peanuts out for the squirrels and they still insist on eating the bird food.

  2. S/he is a cutie! They're not too bright though, are they. LOL. The boys think this one looks pretty tasty!

  3. Hope you found your peanuts, Mr. Squirrel!

  4. Crafty squirrels for sure. We have barrel shaped baffles on our main bird feeder. We always now when there is an new squirrel on the block because he will spend hours climbing the pole to the baffle then rattling around in the baffle looking for the passage he KNOWS is there. LOL
    Thanks for dropping by today. I like meeting new friends Hugs Madi

  5. That squirrel looks really determined!

  6. We hope the squirrel managed to dig out the peanuts and the birdies got their food. Thank you for visiting us today we love to make new friends.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  7. MOL! Silly squirrel, he had to work hard for his peanuts.

  8. Very diligent squirrel! WOW!!


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