Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Two Tailess Tabbies on Tuesday

Owen and Yukon cuddling

I was putting together some pictures for future blog posts and realized that most of them had Yukon in them! Out of seven cats and four dogs, he is just so damn cute and endlessly photogenic! I was able to find Yukon free pictures for tomorrows post.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Ha! Me and Ernie will lay like that.

  2. Nothing wrong with plenty of Yukon photos. :-)

    Owen and Yukon are adorable there.

  3. Lucy loves to see tabby pictures.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  4. Such a sweet photo! Laila requests more pictures of Angus.

  5. They're such buddies! We don't cozy up to each other like that here - we are more likely to trade smacky paws.

  6. Well, hello! At the risk of repeating what one & all said on yesterday's post: welcome back and double congratulations on marriage and home. Purrs and prayers for the losses as well.
    Hope to see more of you and all the lovely furs!

  7. That is a lovely photo of them cuddling together.

  8. SQUEE! You know Mom's heart is manx cats. Well you may not but she admitted it. We lost Abby last August and Momma is still very very sad about it, but in December Annabelle came to live with us thanks to Angel Abby. It felt right to have a manx in the house again. So we love seeing Yukon and Owen.


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