Friday, August 22, 2014

Dogs of Marshwood Cottage: T-Rex

Meet Rex! 

Or T-Rex (that’s the name he came with). 
He’s got a “T” on his back. Can you see it?

Rex came to us forever two days before Christmas in 2010. He was five years old.

We first met Rex a year before we adopted him when we fostered him for a local shelter. He’d been given up for aggression issues, but MamaLindy (being a Certified Pet Dog Trainer), assessed him and said he was in a stressful environment and was afraid of his owner’s boyfriend. Against her advice, the shelter returned Rex to his previous owners who had promised to work with him. We told the shelter that if Rex ever came back to them, we’d adopt him no questions asked. About a year later, he was the best Christmas present we got that year!

Rex is a Miniature Rat Terrier born in an Arkansas puppy mill and purchased from a Massachusetts pet store. 

That was his he’s such a happy energetic little guy with a charming chortle who has become a wonderful companion for Buzz.

He loves group naps and gets along with the cats, too!

MamaLindy taught him to play fetch with a little rubber toy we call a “binky” to keep him fit. He loves to tease Buzz and will steal her binky just to drive her crazy.

At first Rex was reluctant to go in the dog pool, but then MamaLindy showed him how great it is, and now loves to take a quick dip on hot days.

Rex (also known as “Mr. Wiggle-Butt”) loves people and will wiggle his little stub tail and twist his body into a submissive curve when you give him attention.

Here is a link to our favorite video of Rex when he was trying on his new booties!
Rex sure increased the terrier energy in our household, but he came just as the old timers were slowing down.

We think he's a pretty handsome fellow!

Thanks for stopping by to meet Rex!


  1. We think T Rex is a cute little fellow and we are so relieved you got him back from his previous owners and are giving him a lovely happy life and we can see he loves fun.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. Oh Rex is such a cutie and I am so happy that you got him back!!!! Dakota sends him barks and licks and love,!

  3. I'm thinking of a parody of the T-Rex song...Bang a BONE! He's adorable.

  4. He looks adorable in the kitty house!

    I just mailed a donation check to your vet for Joseph. Maybe you should tell them to watch for it. I'm way, way out of your area.

  5. Kari, Thank you so much for donating to Joesph's care! I'm planning an update on him tomorrow.

    Thank you!!


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