Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Joseph Update

Thank you all for your well wishes for Joseph. We have learned a lot about this pleasant fellow over the weekend.

First, let me say that we were totally spellbound by Joseph, and did a crazy thing by taking him in without a future plan for him. Quite honestly I feel he was asking us for help and we had no choice. I've heard stories about this kind of thing from other people, but now I understand it completely. It has amazed us at how grateful he seems. Again, I've heard other people say their rescued dog or cat is grateful, but I'd never experienced it until now.

Joseph is a love bug for sure, but not clingy and can be left alone. He’s not shy around new people and tolerated a front paw nail clipping. Every day that he feels secure and is getting nutritious food, his coat gets cleaner and shinier. It seems like he is taking a respite from being outdoors since he really hasn't tried to get back out there at all.


Unfortunately, we can't keep him. The number one reason is he's an adult male (former tomcat) at least a year and a half to two years old, and Snafu will not tolerate another cat. We don't have the space inside the house, vertical or otherwise! He won't be able to live in our shop over the winter because there's no heat. Number two, we have learned that Joseph doesn't like (or trust) dogs and he will challenge them. I'm sure when he was on his own he ran into many dogs that did not treat him well, so we can't blame him.

The least, but none the less important, reason is that we just can't afford another pet. Buzz has recently been diagnosed with cancer and we will need to focus our resources on her for as long as she is with us.

We have reached out to our cat loving friends, but no one is able to take him.

So, Joseph remains in our care. Ultimately he will need additional medical care before he can go to his forever home. I called our vet and priced it out with them:

 General Medical Exam - $43
Feline AIDS/Leukemia/Heartworm Test - $53
Distemper - $25
Distemper Booster - $25
Feline Leuk - $29
Leuk Booster - $29

 That's over $200!

We are definitely going to need financial help with this! Some of you may know (via Facebook) that we just went through this with a little rescued Maltese Shih Tzu mix named Maddie who we just placed in her forever home. And here we are again! Please let us know if you're familiar with any feline rescue resources we can tap into. I've also set up a "Donate" button for anyone who has the means and can contribute to his care (or call At Home Veterinary Care at (207) 582-8800 to donate directly to his account under Lisa Kolosey). 
We would be very grateful and Joseph already is.

Thank you for stopping by!



  1. Lots of purrs to Joseph, we hope you can find a forever home or even a foster home.

    Have to say that the vets costs are quite inexpensive, relative to what we pay here. Just to walk in for a general exam is $70+ anywhere in this city. Oy!

  2. We will purr for Joseph. Thank you for looking after him.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. just donated, wish I could do more. Will share on my social media again.

  4. We are purring Joseph finds his forever home soon.

    We are sending healing purrs for Buzz.

  5. How amazing that this outdoor kitty is turning into such an indoor sweetheart! I am purring for a new home for Joseph and will be posting about him in my social media.

  6. Lisa, have you put Joseph's story on the cat blogosphere site? Do check it out and get his info on!
    I have Chupa, a Best Friends back cover boy. His story was on about 10 yrs ago. He'd been shot in the face. He supposedly did not like dogs but after some boundary setting and testing turns out he loves dogs and will cuddle next to them. And half of my cats were listed as must be only cat. When I go to bed at night, all of my " only cats" are snuggled together. Sometimes things take a bit of time.
    I believe that life is a great balance and sometimes we are faced with doing what is right or doing what is easy. When right is chosen, ive always had that " rightness" blessed many times over.
    You did what was right.

  7. It's so great that you took Joseph in and are trying to find him a furever home. We purr that he finds it soon. :)

  8. So glad that you took Joseph in and that he is doing so well. WE sure have our paws crossed that you can find somewhere else for him to stay. I sure do understand that some cats just don't get along. I have lots like that but some of mine live outside.Good luck to you.


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