Saturday, August 16, 2014


 We've been listening to loud screechy cat fights all summer long. There’s a new stray tomcat in our neighborhood and he’s challenging all the outdoor cats that live around here (none of our kitties, since ours are indoors only). MamaLindy caught glimpses of him enough to know he was a black and white tuxie. 

 Our next door neighbor has a very pretty torbie named Momo who's been getting bullied by this guy,

and our neighbor said she’d like to catch him and take him to the local humane society.

I hadn't seen him until yesterday. He was right outside our front door meowing and meowing in a sing-songy speech.

I thought he was threatening Snafu and Owen who were plastered to the screens looking out at him. Both of them were very quiet and the black and white, fat-faced tom was looking directly at me. So I called out to him. That triggered a long low meow session from him and my heart sank. I felt he was telling me there was something wrong. 

I totally forgot he was the neighborhood terrorist and brought him a bowl of food. He was shy but didn't go very far when I came out to deposit the goods at a safe distance. Once I was back inside, he dug right into the bowl of kibble. In less than a minute he was rubbing on everything outside and I wondered if he’d spray us as his own, too. Thank God he didn't spray; he only laid down on the stoop and began washing up. 

 So I went out to take a closer look at him and see if he was injured. His face was beaten up, but mostly old wounds and he’d only one new scratch that looked swollen but not infected. He let me pet him a little bit then continued to eat. 
 When MamaLindy got home and went over to see him, he came right out to see her with only a little coaxing. He's bony, but not emaciated, had no collar, and his coat was unkempt with motor oil underneath a patch of matted burrs. He didn't fuss at all when she cut the patch off him with scissors. 

We agreed he needed to be neutered, and MamaLindy called a local dog shelter that offers inexpensive neuters on certain days. When she found out they were having a clinic that day and could do him right away, we felt it was fate. This black and white tuxie seemed to be asking us for help, so we had to do it even though it cost $75 (not as cheap as some clinics around here, but it was to include rabies vacc.). 

 So…we nabbed him! 

 Okay, so he pretty much walked right into the crate.

He didn't mind the car ride at all and lay down in the crate during our drive to the clinic. We had no plan for what to do with him afterwards, but at five o’clock last night, we picked him up. 

Meet Joseph!

We made a place for him in our workshop behind the house (only recently vacated by another pet project Foster Dog Maddie – now in her forever home).

Overnight he did not try to escape, he did not meow incessantly, he did not pee all over the place, but went in his litter box. 

 He’s incredibly friendly, playful, rubby, lovey, rolly and dirty!

Has this ever happened to any of you?  ;) 

He needs a home now. 




  1. Oh, BLESS YOU BOTH! That handsome face deserves a good home...I'm sorry that our inn is full up; he'd be a fine addition.

  2. Wow, who knew that that mean Tom would wind up being such a nice kitty! I hope he finds a good home soon!

  3. Someone had him in the past, probably indoor/outdoor, trouble-here-I-come tom..I'm so glad you had him neutered. Everything fell into place. All of us here sending hugs and hopes for his quick adoption. He is a beautiful cat, especially when he stretched out on his back and showed his underfurs!!

  4. Firstly, thank you for caring enough to act and not just sit there wringing your hands about the cat. This is SO good to hear. We will share your blog post a LOT all over our networks.

    Marjorie and Team Dash Kitten

  5. Oh, kudos to you both for getting him and having him neutered, that's fantastic.

    Definitely well-socialized with humans, poor boy.

    Can you post a "Home wanted" notice, with his pic, at your area vet clinics? That could be a start. You want to make sure he ends up with a *good* human, not an a&&hole who's not going to care for him

    I had fed a stray or abandoned or semi-feral cat for several years (had him neutered at one point), till finally someone at a nearby vet clinic (staff) took him to their horse farm.

    Good luck, fingers (and paws) crossed for him!

  6. God bless you both. And we know He will. Tears are running down our cheeks. Joseph! What a wonderful name. He's a cat that was a lost soul because he had no one to love him. With kindness and love he bloomed!
    Yes, it has happened to me...twice! My Puffin and my Skippy. Ended up keeping them both because each had such an extraordinary personality (far better than any I electively adopted).

  7. Joseph is handsome and I am so glad you helped him. He is so friendly, he must have had a home in the not too distant past.

  8. you are just incredible!! I wish I could reach through the computer and hug you! I will share this on my facebook fan page and twitter.

  9. Thank you so much for looking after the stray kitty - how lucky that you rang the vets on their neutering clinic day and could take him right in. He must have been in a home before as he seems to know his manners.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  10. He is so very handsome and reminds us of Mr. Puddy. We think the right home will find him soon.

  11. He is gorgeous! Maybe he has a chip. I have a strong feeling this is going to work out very well for him. Purrs to you!

  12. Hi I'm very interested in adopting Joseph, email works best for me : I'm looking forward to talking with you about Joseph!


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