Friday, August 8, 2014

Yukon's Big Adventure

Yukon is looking forlorn...

That's because the other day HE ESCAPED to the outdoors, and he wants to return!

Unfortunately, he discovered the dog door...

We usually keep it shuttered and closed off, and are very careful to close the screen door to the den when the dog door is open.


I was putting away towels in our linen closet one morning, when I spotted Rex (our mini-rat terrier) outside through the bathroom window. He was sniffing around, interested in something I could hear crunching around in the bushes. I figured he was after a chipmunk as usual and thought nothing more about it. 


About a half hour later, I began my noonday ritual of feeding the cats. When the cabinet doors squeak open and my spoon clangs on their bowls, everycat comes running.
Oddly, on this day there's no Yukon at my feet for Penny to tease as they wait for their food. I called out his name, because I could hear him from far away, makowing. When he didn't come running up the gangplank into the house from our outdoor cat enclosure, I looked up and realized he was OUTSIDE IN THE YARD!

 I didn't know how he got there at the time, but I swooped up the bowls and put them in the safe (the microwave), threw on my rubber shoes and went out the den door to get him. 

Okay, so I knew he was outside but I also knew he wanted to eat lunch. I felt sure he was safe enough and I'd get him, because nothing can stop Yukon from a meal (plus we have three layers of fencing).

Since then, he's wanted to return to "Narnia," and managed to get out one other time before MamaLindy changed the dog door's hook and eye to a carabiner lock. The video below was recorded right after she did that (he was a bit bratty about the whole thing).

Now, Yukon wears his collar with tags full-time, just in case.

But he still goes out to the den and just eeks and squeaks and makows for us to come let him out!

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  1. We're glad that Yukon was smart enough to come back.

  2. You could always attach a boomerang to his collar before you let him go out!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. First, I LOVE the name "Yukon" it is great! He is one determined guy! He was REALLY working on that door. Please be sure that that is a "break-away" collar. In the event he gets out, if it isn't and he decides to jump or climb and gets tangled in a tree branch it could accidentally choke him. I have been thinking of having Cody microchipped, maybe I you might consider that? If it is a break away collar that is great, if not, I would change it up. xoxo

  4. Oh dear, having had the sense of outdoor living is hard to overcome. I hope Yukon will get over it, for the sake of peace and quiet.

  5. Yukon is such a cutie. I'm glad he's safe and hopefully he'll be satisfied with the cat enclosure. I went to your post about the enclosure. Wow! That is amazing! What happy kitties you must have!

    Thank you so much for stopping by and for reading our interview!

  6. Yukon! You are such a darling kitty. Please try to enjoy your fantastic cat run and not try to escape again! We' d give our bestest cans of tuna to have a run like yours. Stay safe, dear friend, we love you.

  7. Yukon sure did a good job tryin ta get that door open!


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