Monday, August 25, 2014

Mancat Monday: Joseph, Of Course!

Joseph was a true gentle mancat during his visit to At Home Vet on Saturday!

He was nervous, of course, but remained calm.

Even when nice Dr Crispbell was "mandling" him, he didn't fuss much. She said he was very well behaved!

His Feline Lukemia/Aids/Heartworm test came back negative! Whew!

His ears were clean, and he'd gained almost a pound since his neutering, 

but he did need worming and was glad to get back into the crate. 

Many, many thank yous to those who donated funds for his care and made the visit possible!

On another note...

Thankfully, Joseph was accepted onto Pal's No-Kill Cat Shelter's waiting list and is scheduled for in-take on October 1st. If we do not find him a forever home first, we have a warm place for him before winter.

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  1. This is great news about Joseph! Sparkle was following his story before she left, and I am keeping my paws crossed that he doesn't even have to go to Pal's No-Kill and gets a home first - that means there will be room there for another kitty!

  2. Thank goodness everything is working out well for Joseph - thank you for caring for him.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. That is good news for Joseph. Hopefully he will find a forever home before he goes to the shelter. If not he is lucky to have somewhere safe to go to.

  4. Super news about Joseph, both health-wise and re: having a place in a no-kill shelter, if necessary. We're purring he finds an amazing forever home before that, though!

  5. We're glad Joseph did well at the vet. We continue to purr that he finds a furever home. He's very handsome.

  6. you are welcome! Thank goodness all went well with him. I was afraid you didn't get the donation.

  7. Whew! Good going at the vet!
    We are purring for a nice home for Joseph, or rather I am. Mommy is just hoping and praying. She doesn't purr.

  8. Great news about Joseph! I'm so relieved. You know I've fallen in love with him. I pray he finds a wonderful home in a nice warm house with a comfy lap to sit in. He deserves a quiet, loving life. I wish you weren't so terribly far away.....
    Love to Joseph from all of us. And God bless you both for caring.

  9. I know the negative results were a great relief. They were for us with Bridget who came from the transfer station as a kitten. We're happy for Joseph. There are good times ahead and the no-kill shelter is good news, as well. I hope he'll get adopted long before October. He's such a sweetheart!

  10. SPLENDID NEWS! I've got my fingers crossed that the right home opens up for Joseph...and if not, it's a relief to know he'll have a spot to wait for his people where he's safe.


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