Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wednesday Walk in the Weeds #2

Welcome to Marshwood Cottage's Weekly Weed Walk!

This interesting plant sprouted up directly behind our water fountain. When it flowered, it looked somewhat like Queen-Anne's Lace. But we posted this picture on Facebook and learned from a friend that it was Valerian (as in Valerian root, an herb to help you sleep).

This is our patch of Queen Anne's Lace. Much flatter flower on the top where Valerian is rounded.

These bright flowers are Pinks and were found growing between the garden fence and the ledge last year. They were acting like weeds, but the blossoms were so vibrant!

This year we dug them up transplanted them into one of our perennial beds right next to the water fountain. They flourished!

These crazy loopy things also act like weeds in that they tried to take over the entire front garden last year. The leaves are very stinky and when a friend identified them as Black Cohosh, she took a couple of buckets of them home. We cleared out all but this one section and as can be seen in these photos (and this video meditation from Monday) the bees absolutely love them! The stalks grow as high as the roof and the flowers smell somewhat like rotted roses. Blechk!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love the abundance of wildflowers (not weeds, IMO). Black cohosh is supposed to be really good for menopausal symptoms, I believe. (Though I don't think anything can help my wild mood swings. LOL. Okay, except good chocolate. And wine. And rye. And a fine beer.)

  2. We love your pinks - they are so vibrant.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  3. I'm totally in love with your beautiful home and wildflower gardens. The second photo, with the Valerian, could have come strait from the pages of House and Garden! The Black Cohash is gorgeous! I love the way it looks , especially against the colour of your house. I've never seen it before! I admire the way you've worked with nature instead of fighting her.

  4. sooo peaceful and beautiful, wish I could be there to take a stroll in person.

  5. The flowers all look lovely. Flynn loves Valerian root. It drives him more crazy than nip.

  6. Very pretty flowers! Even weeds can be pretty. You gotta dry that valerian root. It's awesome for us cats. :)

  7. We love that the bugs and birds must love yer yard!


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