Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Wednesday Walk in the Weeds

Welcome to Marshwood Cottage where we honor our weeds!

Come on in, we have something to show you...

When we moved to Marshwood Cottage only 16 months ago, it was early spring and the ground was still frozen. Novice gardeners that we are, we barely knew a perennial from a weed.  We felt so blessed at each sprouting plantling and didn't have the heart to pull out or remove anything for a long time.

The most spectacular weed we have is our wild white roses. There are pink ones too, but they are tucked in the back. Tamed and trimmed by MamaLindy, they make quite a show in late June.

The most bothersome weed we have is mugwort. The root system is woody and persistent, but we left a patch next to the garden phlox to hold up the delphinium. 

MamaLisa's most favorite weed is jewel weed. So magical...

Come back next Wednesday for more beautiful weeds!

Disclaimer Alert: Just because I am spouting off names of plants does not mean they are correct (most are sourced through the Weed ID Guide). I claim no accuracy and welcome any correction or advice!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. We enjoyed our walk in the weeds with you. Ach! One of the flowers I am missing this year are the white wild roses (beautiful pic) which are everywhere up there and brighten the greenery so nicely.

    Never thought I'd say this, but we're looking forward to more weeds :)

    Julie & the kitties

  2. Mum says what's wrong with weeds some of them are very pretty - of course she would say that as she doesn't like gardening very much!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

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  4. Oh I am so glad to have a reason to have all my weeds around here. I just need to honor them. It is so much easier than trying to cut them down and some have some great blooms. You have the pretties yard and I love what looks like a barn in the back.

  5. Quite a few years ago, we moved into a patio home that had a great small private back yard, but the former tenant just used it for garbage. For some reason I was so compelled to make something of it and I really didn't care if the things I liked were weeds or not. I thought it was gorgeous when it was done. That was so unlike me to even try. Either my friends never had the nerve to tell me about the weeds, or they know it just didn't matter to me.
    Your is beautiful, and I love that your have names for the plants. I wish I would have done that.

  6. We sure think they all look really nice!

  7. omg I LOVE white roses!!! Soooo pretty!


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