Sunday, November 15, 2009

First Snow Day

Last Friday we had an early snow storm. We had a nice little accumulation that lasted three whole days. We are now back to basic fall brown colors. This was Owen's first snow. He never ventured out into it last year, but Snafu absolutely loves it. He prances around in it chirping. Others were curious.
Here is how their ventures went last week:

Yukon was the first to stick his head out the cat enclosure window. And that's where he stayed.
To see more detail in close up, you should bigify these pictures

So I brushed off the first step of the ladder to help with their footing. DP took pictures from this outside angle.

That's when Snafu took the first plunge.

I got my camera going from the inside angle where (not to be shown up by Snafu) Penny and Owen were waiting to go out next.

Here's Penny looking down on Snafu.

She stepped out! I had to get a shot of that.

And here is that shot.

Are you sure you want to be out there, Penny?

Snafu seems to be enjoying himself, making tracks. Look at that tail straight up...and he is chirping too.

It seems Penny is as brave as Snafu (of course)! Owen is too with Yukon contemplating making a go of it.

A regular snow bunny, that Snafu is...

Here is my arm making a video (I posted that at the end). Wizard has joined Owen on the top step.

Look! There is Angus's head.

Owen in the snow. Handsome boy!

There is BJ. He's an old pro in the snow.

Yeah, now here is the problem with snow.

It requires extra maintenance.

It gets in between the toes too.

But all in all! It's a lot of fun.

In case you were wondering, Yukon and Angus never made it outside that day.


  1. I have also never been out in the snow except a little on my deck. I like your enclosure! I will have to discuss an enclosure with my Dad.

  2. We're cold just looking at those pictures!! BRRRRR!!!

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  3. Yikes, my paws are cold just looking at you all out there!

  4. My mom put my floofy paws on that white stuff once, and I immediately turned around and went back inside. Brrrrrrrr! Too cold for this Southern Belle.

  5. You all are so brave for going out into that white stuff! We don't like that stuff 'cuz it's cold and wet! But you all sure look like you're having fun!

  6. Wow! You all are VERY brave to go out in the snow ... and such deep snow, too, especially for kittehs! Beautiful photos -- and beautiful kittehs, too, of course!!


    ♥ ♥ ♥

    Marilynn, Grace & Company

  7. I've never seen cats enjoy the snow like that, neat-o!

  8. This is a regular documentary! It's like a kitty wonderland out there. I really, really enjoyed this post -- seeing all the kitties so enthralled with the new snow -- whether they chose to step out or not.

    Snafu is a real hoot -- he's actually playing with it. Penny is pretty adventurous, too.

    I think the first snow is so awesome and such an event, but as winter wears on, it just becomes a chore.

    I let my kitties out most days during the winter (as long as it's not extremely cold. We all go out together and I sit on the front porch and watch them. Once we get snowbanks, they don't venture out of the front yard.

    I think it's great for kitties to get fresh air -- just like all living things.

  9. ohh thats so braves! I've stepped out into the snows befores...just nots my things. Hopes yous had lots of funs!

  10. Brrrr~ We think it's cool that you have snow already. It's way more fun than rain.

  11. Snow already?! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

  12. That is so cute that Snafu likes the snow. Indy loves it too and plays in it just like that...then gets snowballs stuck in his pants.
    I've probably said it before, but that enclosure is great. Lucky kitties.

  13. Mum enjoyed looking at those pictures and kept saying ahhh. Me... No thanks I hate the cold white stuff.. Yuk.. Hugs GJ xx

  14. No, no, no, no!! We don't want to think about snow coming. You're all very brave to go out in it!

  15. That looked like so much fun. We rarely get snow, but when we do we go out and tear around the garden in it. Well I do, but Eric strolls.

  16. Always great to see cats in snow. With global warming and all snow is becoming a more rare event in our parts, and I don't mind much. But this year I can't wait to see how the kittens (cats already) react to it.

  17. Look at all those pawprints! You guys are very brave.

  18. We SO utterly hate snow! Rain is bad, but snow is far worser...

  19. I have never seen snow. It looks like you are very brave to go check it out.

  20. Wow, we've never seen snow - it looks amazing. It's very brave of the kitties to actually go out into it. Bet everycat was glad to get back inside where it was warm though,


    Gypsy & Tasha

  21. Wow! The first snow is always exciting! Looks like Snafu took full advantage. The photos are GREAT!!! We had some here in Minnesota that lasted for a day back in October, but nothing since. Last year, Glogirly let me test out the snow on our deck. The snowdrift was taller than me! I'm looking forward to this years "real" snowstorm.

    Thanks again for the Honest Scrap award you gave us. I posted Glogirly's ten interesting things today!


  22. BBBBbrrrrrr chilly! We have just had wind here. Impressed at you explorers - bbrrrrrr Helen, D&B

  23. Looks cold up there! We are having 70's - and the cats are sunning! Neat enclosure - does it have wire on top? We had one at the old house but with wire roof cuz the cats would get out otherwise. Bon Hiver!

  24. WoW!!! that looks like LOTS of fun! We wish our beans gave us an enclosure like that! We get to see the world through the windows. SO not the same! Well, the video was pawesome! Also, we are having a purrday pawty for Skeeter tomorrow. She's gonna be 13!

  25. Oh no, me too, made my toes cold just looking at it. We live in the South and last year when we had snow, which is rare, we lost power for three days. Burrr!

  26. Oh my cod! You are so brave to get your toesies frozen like that! BRRRR!


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