Thursday, November 5, 2009

Thursday Then and Now - Yukon

Yukon Then.
At 6 months old he fits on the blanket

Yukon Now.
A month shy of 2 years old and look at that tummy!
...on a considerably messier desk.

One more for good measure:

Not exactly the same position, but he is so tiny and adorable I had to include it. He was such a woolly bear as a 2 month old kitten.


  1. Oh my goodness the baby pic is too cute!

  2. How precious Yukon is at 2 months and grew into such a handsome man cat! BRAVO!


    PS. Tommy's desk is messier too! :)

  3. Oh no, this is happening to me too. What is going on with us? I even heard the mom talking about my tummy bulging. What's with that?!

  4. What a sweetie pie. I love the way the 2 shots are in identical positions.

  5. Bless, how cute. I love to see hoe much they've grown from being tiny kittens!

  6. Yukon is quite a cutie - big or small!

    Oh, and I saw your post at our blog - Floyd would have been 14 this month. I hope things go well on Friday!

  7. Funny! Yukon looks like I feel when I'm working on taxes. The only difference is that I actually just crawl in bed to nap. : )

    Peace to you Lisa and the Co9T's!
    Glogirly & Katie

  8. Yukon, you were such a cute little tabby baby.

  9. Yukon
    Momma was squeeing all over the place at your pictures. She just loves little manx footsies. She said ours look a lot alike....


  10. oh what a sweetie. I love swinging back and forth between little and big / baby fluff and sleek... think I will blog myself with this one.. Helen, D&B


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