Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Night Fights - Dairy King vs The Zen Master

Tonight’s match is between Dairy King (Wizard) and The Zen Master (Yukon).
We would also like to welcome, first time Referee, Blue Bunny.

There is a conference between the parties before they begin.
(Do you see TZM slipping the Ref a little bribe?)

And they begin.
A little mutual grooming, as is traditional to show off their goodwill.

Yes! Diary King makes the first move. Reaching up for the grab.

The Zen Master counters with a bop to the chest….hardly a defensive move (he’s so confident he’ll win).

Ha! But Dairy King swings his leg positioning for a round-house.

Oooooo…And delivers it right to the head!

The Zen Master loses his cool and dives!

Oh No!! He falls over unbalanced, and the Ref calls it for Dairy King.
The Zen Master shakes his fist in rage!
(It’s nice to know Blue Bunny’s a clean Ref)

….And now a word from our Sponsor.

Nick says Savory Salmon Flavored Feline Greenies are nom, nom, good! I even look forward to taking my happy thoughts pill to get my Greenie afterwards! Nom! Nom!

That wraps up another Friday Night Fights! We hope you had fun. We'll see you next time!
~Lisa Co9T


  1. We enjoyed your fight night, and hope nobuddy was injured.

    Have a good weekend.

  2. We're glad you can trust Blue Bunny!

    Sniffie and the Floria Furkids

  3. You do a great job of commentating on fight night! Videos would be even better, but at least you get in all the main highlights of the match.
    And a commercial, too! I'm sure the makers of Greenies will love that.

  4. Would we be wrong to guess that the sponsor moment is the best moment?!

  5. We love Fight Night!! Another great battle!

  6. LOVE IT!!! So much better than Pay~Preview!!! And the commercial is pawesome!!!

  7. That round house was furry impressive!!

  8. Wow, that wore me out...I liked the snack commercial, that is a good way to end the fights!

  9. Dairy King had that fight in the bag right from the start!

  10. Fight Night is fun. We like the kick to the head move.

  11. That is totally funny - although I expected something bad to befall the ref - he made it out of there pretty well!

  12. *drats*
    Yukon I was pulling furr yoo -- we manxies have to keep together.


  13. I wasn't picturing the round house!

  14. Yay wizard! Great moves! The beauty and elegance of your kick are just stunning.


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