Friday, November 6, 2009

Friday Night Fights - Twisty-girl vs Puff

Welcome to Friday Night Fights!
In this match we have Twisty-girl (Penny) versus Puff (Angus).

Twisty-girl’s trademark coyness is nothing short of a direct threat. Will Puff pick up on it?

Ah, ha! She dashes under the couch. Brilliant, Twisty.

It works. Puff can’t help being curious!

Puff spots Twisty, launching him into full pursuit. Ha! She knows he’ll never go under the couch. What can he do about this underhanded move?

Ho! The referee calls a foul on Twisty and moves the hassock as a penalty. Twisty’s keen on that and leaps on top, keeping her advantage.

Puff takes on the challenge, squinting madly...

Puff breaks, and Twisty-girl jumps off her high-horse in full attack mode, where Puff puts the bitey on her shoulder. How can she take it?

Oh! Twisty digs her teeth deep into Puff's neck, getting nothing but fur - Puff's ultimate defense! Twisty pulls away, unable pin his bulk to the mat.

Twisty takes off around the hassock, Puff is on her tail and dives for her legs!

Ha! But Twisty-girl is ready for this and leaps over the baby-gate, handing the match to Puff.

This provides a great opportunity for Puff to wash up. Whew! That was a close one!

And now a word from our sponsor…

Owen says “Sea Dog's Maine brewed, Wild Blueberry WheatAle is so yummy, we drank the whole box! So now we’re kind of blurry. Drink some today! Burp!”

Well folks, that’s it for Friday Night Fights – Twisty-girl vs Puff. We hope you enjoyed our presentation. See you again next time…


  1. Another great blow by blow account of the event!

  2. Great smackdown! Especially loved the play-by-play!

  3. That is a lot of pretty fluffy floof!
    Happy Friday!
    ~ Noah

  4. Wow the floof flew at that one!

  5. I love the Friday Night Fights - I always have such trouble getting pictures of the cats wrestling but yours always look great!

  6. VERY funny!
    Love the play by play.
    Sometimes we have the same kind of action around here, but it's usually between Katie and Gloman. : )

    have a great weekend!

  7. You're very good a giving the play-by-play description of the Friday Night Fights! Just think, you get all of this entertainment for free!
    Cats are good for so many things in life.

  8. Another fabulous post.. I love how you put it together.. Hugs GJ x

  9. Wow! That was some fight...too bad you drank all the beer though....

  10. Another great friday night fight. We see Penny is a hit and run kind of girl. Very effective. Keeps the others on their toes, too.

  11. The greatest play by play. We thought it was so cute, we had to show it to the dad.

  12. Phew, I'm tired just watching. What a great match. I felt like I was right there.


  13. Ooh, ya, Ayla an me do that regular like! Its so fun.

  14. You have the most fun at you house! Friday Night Fights with commercials! We want tickets!!


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