Friday, November 20, 2009

Friday Night Fights - Twisty-Girl vs The Beefcake

Welcome to Friday Night Fights! Twisty-Girl versus The Beefcake!

Twisty-Girl (Penny)                                          The Beefcake (Yukon)

They begin right away by circling and sizing up each other’s glare.

Ooo, then just like that, Twisty-Girl drops into ball. She knows her greatest strength is in her hind legs.

Meowch! She breaks apart when The Beefcake puts a bitey on her.

Twisty-Girl runs down the hall, where The Beefcake isn’t giving up.

…and follows her every move. There’s no escape!

Bffft! The Beefcake easily takes Twisty-Girl down and it ain’t pretty.

T-G uses her back legs and her little but mighty mitts.

Huh?…is that The Beefcake's ear in her mouth (you might have to bigify to see)? Chomp!

and suddenly the match is over. They are both on their feet. The Ref calls it a standstill.

And now a word from our Sponsor…

Sir Wizard of Dairy says, “Hannaford Brand, Natural Sharp Cheddar Cheese Shreds are Nom, Nom Good! I will throw myself at your feet for Sharp Cheddar Cheese! Nom!”

In our locker room interview at the water fountain, Twisty-Girl said about Beefcake, “He bites too hard! So I let him win.”

In Beefcake’s response, he muttered something about Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield.

So that’s the story folks! Yet another wrap-up of another Friday Night Fights!
Thanks for dropping by. See you next time...


  1. Our favourite shot is the one in which Laser-Eyed Twisty Girl has Beefcake's ear in her mouth! GREAT!

  2. That was a great match!!
    That cheese looks super delicious!

  3. Great match and we loved the commercial!

  4. Another great match! At least the ear is still connected!!

  5. That was so exciting! We were rooting for Twisty Girl all the way.

    Love the locker room interview so we could get the real scoop.

  6. Another good fight! That sneaky Flynn goes for the ear bitey too when we rassle.

  7. Wow Friday Night Fights are PAWESOME at your place! And Cheddar Cheese?? Mmmmmmmmm Great match, guys!!!

  8. What fun, and the commercial was good!!!!!!!

  9. We are thinking that the Beefcake should fight in a different weight class. The Twisty Girl is a couple pounds lighter than him. Great bout!

  10. Brilliant post.. I laughed aloud at the antics.. Hugs GJ x

  11. Wow, Twisty-Girl is lucky to still have both her ears!

    I want to see a photo of the announcer with the big Don King hair!!

    Katie & Glogirly

  12. We look forward to your Friday Night Fights. Very funny.

  13. Quite frankly, we are a little disappointed in Penny. She was in a good position for some quality hind leg kicking and failed to so. She should really take her training more seriously.

  14. Twisty girl you gave your best paw!


  15. Haha! We'll call it a draw and leave it at that!

  16. We think that one was a bit of an unfair fight...

  17. That was quite a fight. I loved the commercial, too. Twisty Girl really gave it her all. No wonder Beefcake ended the fight after the ear bitey.

  18. leg kicking usually works brilliantly.. a little uneven matched but size isn't everything!! Helen, Darcy & Bingley


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